We will see what is a dialog-box launcher and how to use it.

Dialog-box launcher

Definition: A dialog box launcher is a control at the group level that act like a button.

For example, consider a dialog-box launcher control, as follows:

dialog-box example

How to create it?

This is specified using the following code

	g.AddGroup("Custom Group")
	    .Items(d =>
	    .DialogBoxLauncher(i => 
	           .Screentip("Dialog Box Launcher"));


It is possible to apply the following events to a button

  • Visible: The condition requires to show the control
  • Enable: The condition requires to enable the control
  • Action: Define the action that will be done when the control is clicked


  • When the user click on the dialog box launcher, a message box is displayed saying “Dialog Box clicked”
    protected override void CreateRibbonCommand(IRibbonCommands cmds)
            .Action(() => MessageBox.Show("Dialog Box clicked"));