We will see what is a button and how to use it.


Definition: A button can either be small or large with and image or not. When clicked, it will call a specific action.

For example, consider a button control, as follows:

button example

How to create it?

This is specified using the following code

	.Items(d =>


It is possible to apply the following events to a button

  • Visible: The condition requires to show the control
  • Enable: The condition requires to enable the control
  • Action: Define the action that will be done when the control is clicked


Let’s add the following events to the button:

  • Show the button if there is more than one sheet in the Workbook
  • Enable the button if there is more than two sheet in the Workbok
  • When the button is clicked, display a message box saying “Well Done !!!”
    protected override void CreateRibbonCommand(IRibbonCommands cmds)
            .IsVisible(() => AddinContext.ExcelApp.Worksheets.Count() > 1)
            .IsEnabled(() => AddinContext.ExcelApp.Worksheets.Count() > 2)
            .Action(() => MessageBox.Show("Well done !!!"));

In the method OnOpening, we need to refresh the ribbon when there is a change on a Excel sheet.

    public override void OnOpening()
        AddinContext.ExcelApp.SheetActivateEvent += (e) => Ribbon?.Invalidate();
        AddinContext.ExcelApp.SheetChangeEvent += (a, e) => Ribbon?.Invalidate();